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Black Crow Bakery Breads

Cookies and Sticky Buns






Cookies and Sticky Buns

Made daily with our free-range eggs, Belgian chocolate, and fresh unsalted butter.  Often we will make other pastries using seasonal fruits.










Tuscan (Tuesday - Saturday)

Unbleached white, flecked with bran, our most popular loaf, boasting a chewy complex flavor. The most versatile and easiest accompaniment with everything.



Poppy Seed Wheat





Poppy Seed Wheat (Friday) 

Showcases the taste & texture of our freshly milled organic wheat. Our choice for bread salad and mushroom crostini.









Peasant (Tuesday - Saturday) 

Grainy and satisfying blend of organic rye and wheat. Great with hearty soup, baked beans, and smoked salmon.




Jewish Rye





Old World Jewish Rye (Tuesday - Saturday)

Rye with caraway seeds, old world style. Makes a grilled tuna sandwich that will blow your mind.










Sicilian (Tuesday - Saturday) 

A southern Italian Italian style loaf made with semolina flour, rolled in sesame seeds. Perfect for tomato based entrees like spaghetti and meatballs; makes fantastic garlic bread.



Brown Rice Sesame






Brown Rice Sesame (Tuesday) 

Moist, healthful, nutty, delicately sweet, makes wonderful breakfast bread or the perfect BLT.




Olive Herb






Olive Herb (Tuesday - Saturday) 

Fragrant tasty loaf with Kalamata olives, flavored with home grown herbs, and our herbed wine vinegar.




Cheese Focaccia






Cheese Focaccia (Wednesday, Friday) 

We top this delectable bread with three cheeses: cheddar, parmesan, and mozzarella.  Beats the best brick oven pizza.









7-Grain (Thursday) 

Organic millet, flax, barley, corn, wheat, rye, and oats comprise the grains that make this loaf a textural, creamy tasting treat. 



    Apricot Almond 





Apricot Almond (Saturday) 

Inspired by a Pakistani flat bread, the combination of roasted almonds, dried apricots, and a touch of honey made this loaf a hit from the start.










Anadama (Wednesday) 

Yankee favorite; blend of corn and whole wheat, lightly sweetened with molasses.